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OhLook's Masterclasses

OhLook's four Masterclasses (Soph, Jr., Sr., OCO) are the "cream of the crop" of OhLook and the DFW area in terms of both talent and character. Besides the high-quality training, these students receive special performance opportunities and perks throughout the year. As leaders of OhLook, Masterclass students are called upon to help out with OhLook Productions, both as performers and behind the scenes. The OhLook Masterclasses have received numerous State and National Awards and invitations, many of which are displayed in the OhLook lobby.

In the fall, all groups focus on skills and repertoire development, plus Jr., Sr., and OCO prepare for the MTI Junior Theater Festival in Atlanta, GA. In the spring, each Masterclass prepares a minimum of one production for the community. The costs for these productions are included in the Masterclass tuition.

Jr., Sr., and OCO Masterclasses will be travelling to Atlanta, January 12 - 15, 2017, to attend the iTheatrics Junior Theater Festival.

Registration in FUNdamentally Awesome Class (or an equivalent) and 1 Dance Class is required to be in Masterclass.

To be considered for Masterclass you must attend our Fall auditions, Aug. 25, 26, or 27.  With a dance callback on Aug. 28 from 6-8.

Please prepare, 2 contrasting songs, 16-32 bars each and a 1 minute monologue.

Email Jill Lord if you have questions - auditions can be scheduled through our Audition Page.

Masterclass 2015-2016

Allie Alexander
Remelee Bivin
Sarah Crawford
Elise Emberlin
Meg Fordyce
Isabelle Hahn
Breanne Jackson
Matthew Lavery
Emma Lord
Grace Lord
Isabel Malin
Macy McCready
Emmy Pratt
Andrew Smith
Julia Sutter
Trevor Turnbow


Catherine Andrew
Reilly Buckley
Michelle D'Amico
Tim DeSimone
Grace Duncan
Jenna Emshoff
Alyssa Ihle
Meredith Heika
Chloe Lopez
Katy Popovitch
Catie Pratt
Will Thompson
Matthew Vinson


Camila Acquarone
Coleman Badgett
Brooklyn Biddle
Luisa Bierrenbach
Anna Grace Crawford
Samantha DeSimone
Katie Fox
Katie Kirkham
Jackson Layton

Michael Mazey
Kale Thompson

Anna Vinson


Photos by Annie Drake of Grapevine Memories Photography.