OHLOOK's Masterclass

OHLOOK's three Masterclasses (Jr., Sr., OCO) are the "cream of the crop" of OHLOOK and the DFW area in terms of both talent and character. Besides the high-quality training, these students receive special performance opportunities and perks throughout the year. As leaders of OHLOOK, Masterclass students are called upon to help out with OHLOOK Productions, both as performers and behind the scenes. The OHLOOK Masterclasses have received numerous State and National Awards and invitations, many of which are displayed in the OHLOOK lobby. In the fall, all groups focus on skills and repertoire development, plus Jr., Sr., and OCO prepare for the MTI Junior Theater Festival in Atlanta, GA. In the spring, each Masterclass prepares a minimum of one production for the community. The costs for these productions are included in the Masterclass tuition.


JTF Atlanta 2020 - January 16 - 20, 2020 and National Performing Arts Theater Festival, Walt Disney World, - February 21 - 24, 2020

Guidelines to be considered for Masterclass

Masterclass at OHLOOK is a program for those students that are interested in top level triple threat training. Many of these students are interested in pursuing theater in college and/or at the professional level. These students are the “cream of the crop” in both talent and character. Besides high quality training, masterclass students get access to special workshops and events throughout the year. They also present concerts and productions in the fall and spring semesters. Tuition for Masterclass is $160 per month. Auditions for Masterclass occur during the Fall Auditions – Aug. 7, 8, 10, & 11

In addition to their weekly Masterclass rehearsal:

  1. Masterclass students must be enrolled in at least 2 dance classes of at least an hour each at OHLOOK.
  2. Students must attend the classes for which they are enrolled. It is expected that there are no more than 2 absences a semester.
  3. Masterclass class time will include rehearsals and training. Music Theory will be a separate class but scheduled close to Masterclass rehearsals.
  4. Students are asked to hand in their conflicts at auditions. Past these conflicts students are only allowed 2 unexcused absences. Masterclass rehearsals must be a priority.
  5. Each student is expected to accomplish 6 volunteer hours at the theater per semester. This could be passing out programs at a production, helping with a production, cleaning up, taking out the trash, organizing, etc… These hours are tracked.
  6. Any outside training or auditions must be cleared by the masterclass director.
  7. Expected to attend any and all extra workshops specifically scheduled for masterclass students.
  8. Students ages 12 and older must to be enrolled in private voice lessons.
  9. Masterclass families are expected to promote, advocate, and support Ohlook and other Masterclass students through social media, attending performances, word of mouth, etc…if you have any issues, please report those to a masterclass instructor.
  10. Enrollment in Masterclass is a full year commitment.
  11. All Masterclass students must participate in JTF, an annual theater competition in Atlanta in January. (Rehearsals for this are in addition to their weekly Masterclass rehearsal and we will rehearse during the holidays.)
  12. Masterclass students also have the opportunity to attend National Performing Arts Festival at Disney World in February.
Masterclass at 2019 JTF

Masterclass at 2019 JTF