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Come Find Me, A Christmas Musical tells the story of Benjamin Patterson (an autistic ten-year-old), his sister Kami (a pre-med student at Yale University), and their father Harry (widowed Air Force lieutenant). When Harry is called away on a top-secret military mission just before Christmas, Ben and Kami’s already turbulent lives are shaken again. With a wish, a letter, and some unique seasonal help, the Patterson family discovers what just an ounce of belief can do.   

Come Find Me: A Christmas Musical, juxtaposes the joy of the Christmas season with the inevitable pressures magnified through our lens of holiday ideals. Following the journey of a child with Aspergers, it challenges misconceptions about the fortitude and resolve of children on the spectrum. A holiday musical for all ages, Come Find Me: A Christmas Musical, will strike a chord in the hearts of young and old alike, realizing it takes courage, humility, and sometimes a village to help keep Christmas hope alive. 

Please prepare 2 contrasting pieces, 32 bars each. Bring recorded accompaniment.

Bring headshot and resume with you to your audition.

Sunday April 22nd 6:30-8:30pm

Tuesday April 24th 7:00-9:00pm 

Rehearsal Schedule 

5/8/18 7-10pm 

5/13/18 10-1pm

5/19/18 10-1pm


5/20/18 10:00 am

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For questions please contact Heather Ganson at heather.ganson@ohlookperform.com


BEN PATTERSON: (Male, 9) Unchanged child voice.  High functioning on the autism spectrum. Struggles with staying on task. Thrives on routine and predictability. Relies heavily on his father Harry for stability and security. Memories of mother are comforting. 

KAMI PATTERSON: (Female, 19)  Mezzo.  Ben's sister. Psychology pre-med student at Yale. Disciplined and smart. Since her mother's death, Kami suppresses emotion and immerses herself in her studies. Hasn't been home from college in two years. 

HARRY PATTERSON: (Male, 45) Baritone / Tenor.  Ben’s widowed father, respected and decorated Air Force lieutenant. Feels overwhelming responsibility for Ben. 

CAROL PATTERSON: (Female, 30-40)  Mezzo / Soprano.  Ben's deceased mother seen in Ben's memories. Treasured her children and made holidays fun and special. 

SNICKER: (Male, 25+)  Bass / Baritone.  Elf. Practical and industrious mechanic. Gruff with a heart of gold. Often gets into shenanigans with his buddy Charley. 

CHARLEY: (Male, 18+)  Tenor.  Elf. Comic. Worry wart and overly dramatic, a bit of a bumbling doof.  Snicker’s cohort in crime. 

CITY WORKER / SANTA:  (Male, 35+)  Baritone / Tenor.  An indiscreet city employee in coveralls, often sweeping and doing good deeds unnoticed. Eventually reveals himself as Santa. 

AGENT SKITTLE: (Female, 16+)  Mezzo.  Elf. Junior North Pole Central Intelligence (NPCI) agent. 

AGENT PEZ: (Male 20+) Elf. Senior North Pole Central Intelligence (NPCI) agent. 

SGT. WILLIAMS: (Male, 18-50) Resident Greenland soldier, coarse and seasoned in the hardships of the Arctic. 

SGT. CHANCE: (Male, 16-30) Rookie soldier. Newly engaged. 

COLONEL GRANT: (Gender neutral, 35+) Oversees Greenland clean-up mission. 

DEVERAUX: (Male, 18+). Low ranking lab rat responsible for measuring the soldiers’ radiation levels after being out on the Greenland ice cap. 

ENSEMBLE:   Roommate, Male Student, Cab Driver, soldiers, elves, townsfolk, street kids as needed.